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Arsmoon is a small IT company, based in Ukraine. It was founded in 2016.
Our team consists of young, experienced and clever people, who are interested in making awesome projects by means of modern technologies.

Project teams are formed on a components-and-roles basis, i.e., experts that belong to various function teams and a team leader are assigned to a certain project area. One team member can combine several roles if the scope of the component to be developed is relatively small. This principle of organizing project teams with the right experts enables the fastest development with the lowest number of bugs.



Igor Sydoruk

Creative director

Tusko Trush

Elite web developer

Andrii Sydoruk




Denis Maltsev

Director of photography/ Photographer

Nataliia Soiko

Illustrator / CG artist

Yulia Kravchuk

Web designer

Mykola Sluchuk

Tech lead, Back-end development